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    Tools Tips and Philosophies for Small Business Marketers

    September 19, 2017 · Marketing Tools
    Why I Switched from MailChimp to Drip Hint: It has to do with Workflow AND Money I love Mailchimp. I love the fact that it’s FREE to start out. The template builder is the easiest way to create emails from scratch ESPECIALLY compared to other applications like Constant Contact. There’s...
  • A career in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing have helped me develop a particular expertise in Digital Marketing, Lead Generation and Lead Capture. Digital Marketing, also called online marketing and web marketing is the process of making a company ready for business on the web, that includes the right site design, lead capture programs and outbound e-mail marketing that will work for a company and its customers. In developing digital marketing programs for lead capture, my long experience in field and inside sales/management serves me particularly well.

    Specialties: E-Mail and Online Marketing, Technical Sales, Sales Management, CRM Systems. Sales Organization Development, Video Marketing, Webinars and Web Development.


    Content Marketing

    SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing

    Pay Per Click Management

    Product Development

  • Favorite Projects

    The Things I've Loved Doing the Most!

  • How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business Course

    By far one of my favorite projects! Creating an online course using the latest in LMS (Learning Management Systems) that takes someone from the idea of starting a custom t-shirt business, all the way through to a completed marketing plan, niche market selection AND choosing the right equipment to match their vision.


    This entire idea is an extension of the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast which offers over 75 hours of education in marketing, entrepreneurship, self-improvement and the ins and outs of the custom t-shirt business.

    Custom Apparel StartUps Podcast

    Co-Hosting the Custom Apparel StartUps Podcast has allowed me to do the thing I enjoy the most; share what I've learned about digital marketing and sales. My favorite episodes are the series on Making More Money Next Month.
    While the focus of the podcast is the custom t shirt and apparel business, what we discuss will apply to any small business.

    Udemy Digital Marketing Classes

    I've always treated customer education as a fundamental part of both my Sales and Marketing careers. Now I've created online classes that allow me to teach directly.

    Custom Apparel StartUps Facebook Group

    You will recognize the name of the Group as this Facebook Group and its success is what gave us the idea for creating the podcast. It has quickly become the largest Facebook Community for multi-disciplinary custom apparel entrepreneurs and a real resource for the industry.
    Now over 8,000 members make this one of the most vibrant communities on the internet for custom apparel!

    Live Online Demonstrations and Webinars

    Online video presentations and webinars have become a standard, very successful tool in current marketing strategies.. and one of my favorite ways to communicate.
    I've created, delivered and marketed hundreds of webinars, live and recorded, that have inspired 400% growth in product sales year over year with just the right combination of advertising and delivery.
  • Online Presence Projects

    I've had the opportunity to create an online presence for a great collection of products and businesses. The sites listed below are a few of my favorites, done in DNN and WordPress.


    Custom Apparel Startups

    Florida School of Woodwork

    Avancé Commercial Embroidery Machines

    DTG Digital Brand Direct to Garment Printers

    Digital HeatFX T Shirt Transfer Systems

    Compress UV Printers


    A timeline of job titles can never really sum up someone's experience in the fast changing worlds of Sales and Marketing. Diverse industries, activities and a lust for constant learning and self-improvement have allowed me to grow far beyond just the following job descriptions.

    ColDesi, Inc.

    Director of Marketing
    – Present
    The ColDesi group of companies and brands area cornerstone in the custom apparel marketplace. The company philosophy of helping people achieve dreams informs every part of what we do and makes it a true pleasure to be a part.
    ColDesi "achieves dreams" by providing equipment and training for the following brands; DTG Direct to Garment Printers, Digital HeatFX t-shirt transfer systems, Avance Commercial Embroidery Machines, CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Transfer Machines, Compress UV Printers; and Colman and Company, who is the supply arm of ColDesi, providing embroidery supplies, direct to garment printing ink, hotfix rhinestones and entry level rhinestone transfer systems.ecommerceThe Director of Marketing position is responsible for 100% of the online presence for all equipment brands and includes 7 brand websites, eCommerce platforms, content marketing and management, trade shows, print and publications, e-mail marketing, SEO and SEM, webinars and live online presentations.


    Marketing and Sales Consulting 
    – Present
    Sales and Marketing, Social Media, SEO and SEM Consulting for small businesses

    Circa Telecom

    Sales Manager - North America 
    – Jun 2009
    I manage sales in the US and Canada from our offices in Tampa, FL. We have completely reorganized our sales team, strategies and contact managements systems with great results.

    Better Presentations

    Owner/President for Life 
    – May 2002
    Better Presentations started as a Presentation's consulting business, mutlimedia porduction tools. It quickly evloved into a video editing and graphics system VAR due to customer demand. This was a great enterprise where I sold and installed Avid, Discreet, Microsoft, Adobe applications and much more.

    University of South Florida

    Philosophy, Marketing 1982 - 1985

    The study of philosophy helped make me a critical thinker, able to take a wider perspective on any problem or project.


    Steve Spiro
    Branch Manager at Communications Supply Corporation

    Working with Mark I found him as a person with great expertise and deep background of technology solutions coupled with a strong business mindset. I had a pleasure to cooperate for about 5 years with him, in his days at Circa. Broad-minded manager who can take on even the most challenging projects. Shows all the time a strong experience in areas such as sales management and marketing. One of the best!


    You are more than welcome to contact me to discuss marketing, sales or the Tampa Bay area. I have a passion for all three!

    Tampa, FL.
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