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Why I Switched from MailChimp to Drip

Hint: It has to do with Workflow AND Money

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Why I Switched from MailChimp to Drip

Hint: It has to do with Workflow AND Money

I love Mailchimp.

I love the fact that it’s FREE to start out.

The template builder is the easiest way to create emails from scratch ESPECIALLY compared to other applications like Constant Contact.

There’s not a better email marketing application for keeping things simple.

2 Things Happened to Make Me Rethink MailChimp

The first thing that happened is that my email list GREW. Not Giant Bean Stalk grew, but we have in the high tens of thousands of useful e-mail addresses.

The second thing that happened is that my sources, groups, segments, automations. All of those things that initially worked well with MailChimp, but as my need grew it just got way too complicated.

What does Complicated Look Like

Let me set this up for you a bit so you have some background. The company I work for sells 7 different brands of equipment, each with their own website, lead magnates, email lists, etc as well as 2 kind of company websites that collect leads on multiple brands of equipment.

There’s also our podcast [] dedicated to the custom apparel business, a ½ dozen Facebook Pages, 2 successful Facebook Groups and a suite of social media profiles and complimentary strategies.

We also have a very well developed Facebook advertising strategy and contribute significantly to the secret barge Google has floating off the coast of California through our AdWords investments.

We generate a lot of activity. We get a lot of leads.

IDEALLY, for every way that a potential customer finds us, for every separate product they’re interested in, for the promotion they responded to, for the demographic they’re in, for the size of shoes they’re wearing right now… we should be addressing them differently with email marketing.

Confession Time

Here is the part where I admit that if I had masterminded my lists and segments properly MailChimp would have worked fine. If I had sprung for the Pro version for an extra $199/month it would have definitely helped.

But I didn’t.

What I DID do is discover something very important about MailChimp that I hadn’t considered until my list got to that significant level:

The lead that came in because they downloaded our eBook on getting into the custom t-shirt business, and then signed up for a webinar on t-shirt printing machines, and then went to our website and filled out a contact form – was costing me 3x more than it should


Because MailChimp charges for email addresses on a list basis.

  • $ eBook List
  • $$ Webinar List
  • $$$ Contact Form List

Let’s go back to the fact that we have so many different ways that someone can interact with our business.

If YOU were interested in the custom apparel business you might end up on 3 to 7 different e-mail lists!

And if we’re not very careful you would also end up getting too many emails about too many different products.

MailChimp List Management

Okay, you CAN automate MailChimp to move emails from one list to another, take actions during and after an e-mail automation is completed and more. But the people I talked to actually use Zapier, a great little “app communications app” to handle those transactions because it’s easier.

Here’s how Drip is Different

I will admit some prejudice up front. Drip is a product of Leadpages. Leadpages is a landing page software that I’ve been using for years. In spite of some growing pains early on, it’s become an excellent platform for creating landing pages for promotions, webinars, simple email lead boxes and even one page websites in a pinch.

So Drip already had a little credibility before I looked under the hood.

One of the most important ways that Drip is different from every other email platform I’ve looked into is that it is TAG based rather than LIST based.


Tags are words or phrases that you assign meaning to.

For example, you would set up a rule that if someone that downloads an eBook they would have the “eBook” tag attached to their email address.

Then later on if they signed up for a Webinar, you could automatically assign a “webinar” tag.

Once that same person visits a website and fills out a contact us form, you can have a “contact” or “brandx” tag automatically assigned.

AND you’re not charged for having that email address in multiple lists. Because there are no lists.

If you want to send an email campaign to everyone that signed up for the eBook or attended a webinar but have NOT filled out a contact form – simple.

It’s also VERY simple to add or remove tags depending on email activity. For example, if that eBook downloader chose a link in a follow up email that suggested they were interested in X Brand products, you can easily create a rule taking them out of one email chain and starting another.

Tags are amazingly useful and save you money vs. lists + MailChimp.



Workflows are flowcharts designed to move your leads through your funnel.

These flowcharts give you a top down view of the customer journey using a kind of visual programming.


You set the entry points into your funnel, which can be almost anything, then assign different actions depending on what your lead does as they make their way through.


For Example:

Someone downloads an eBook which assigns an eBook tag and starts an email chain of 5 emails.

On email #2 they choose a link for inquire about Pricing. That applies a “pricing” tag to the lead and they are automatically taken out of the eBook email chain and put in one that answers they’re questions about pricing.


That’s a very simple version and it’s so MUCH simpler when you can see it all graphically.

LeadPages Integrations  

It’s not that MailChimp doesn’t integrate well with Leadpages, because it does.

The integration with drip takes it to another level. If you’re a Leadpages user the switch from MailChimp to Drip should be a no brainer.

If you’re NOT a Leadpages user and you do webinar or promotional marketing at all, you should be – and THEN you should look into Drip!

There are about 3,000 MailChimp pros out there that are chomping at the bit right now to explain all the ways I could have used it better and been perfectly happy with the results. And there ARE some things that will keep my MailChimp account open for some time. BUT between never being double charges for the people on my list, the use of Tags and that Workflow tool – I’m excited to make Drip my email platform of choice.

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